For the seventh consecutive year we have been awarded a prestigious AWARD and a COMPLIMENT by our customers. A Service Award from consumer rating service users in categories of Handyman and Painting-Interior has been awarded to Handyman Central Services, Inc. This award is given out annually. It goes exclusively to Service Providers that have achieved and/or maintained a SUPERIOR service rating. Less than 5% ever meet the eligibility requirements, which are to have an "A" overall, a minimum number of customer reports in a calendar year and to have NEVER been in the Penalty box.


Helpers In Your Home

Weve been in thousands of homes, repaired thousands of items, installed all kinds of things, yet on almost every visit Im reminded that most homeowners do not own the basic items to help them. Im talking about a TOTAL investment of less than $50.00 for a lifetime. This is a short list of stuff to make your life easier and make the items in your house work better and last longer. Heres the list. Go buy them and use them today and every time they're needed.

Silicone Spray: The Smooth Operator

The spray can we use is yellow but that matters less than buying a large can of clear silicone spray with a removable skinny spray nozzle or "straw" so you can insert it into tiny crevices.

door knobs.We'll often be asked to repair a window and have to open a stuck window to get to the repair. Itll be stuck not from too much paint but from too much oxidization of the metal jam, or swelling of the wood jam. Once we get it open we spray the top and bottom jam slides with silicone spray and continue with the intended repairs.

The homeowner, when asked to inspect the finished work, is often more surprised and delighted with the moving window than the repair. "It works like new", is the typical exclamation.

Spray silicone onto door hinge pins, door latches, zippers, tools, door jams, fishing reels, dead bolt slides and inside key holes. Spray silicone on things that rub or squeak and shouldnt. If this doesnt stop the rubbing youll probably need Handyman Central Services to fix it. Always ventilate the room while using it.

Do not spray it on is very slippery. Do not spray it where youll paint or hang wallpaper...paint and glue will not adhere. Do not get it in your eyes or mouth, its a chemical.

I just looked in one of the trucks and it has a brand made by GUNK, but most brands will work well on plastic, metal and wood. The can Im holding has a price of $6.49 and is, Im sure, a few years old by now.

Citrus Clean: Like It Says

The gallon that sits in our truck is made by ZEP and we buy it by the gallon at Home Depot.

It is a cleaner/degreaser and smells like oranges because its an orange oil concentrate. We use it to clean up after our work. Weve used it on chrome, ceramic tiles, storm doors, stainless steel, tools, countertops, varnished floor and doors and most dirty or greasy things we run into.

sink.The simple process we use is: spray it on, let it sit for a few minutes. Then wipe the surface with a moist rag, or soft brush, then wash it off with water. Finished.

Some items, like bare wood and ceramic tile, will require that you dilute it with water. Follow all the instructions.

This stuff makes things clean and they will shine. The gallon from the truck had no price on it but I guess its around $12.50.

Phenoseal: Vinyl Caulk, Adhesive, Sealer

Unlike most other caulks Phenoseal is vinyl. It has elasticity, durability, longevity, is water proof, stays put, doesnt crack with age, can be painted, bonds to most things, is mildew resistant and is less than $6 bucks per tube. Of course $6 bucks is a few bucks more than the other caulking alternatives in the hardware stores . But when a caulk fails it lets in water, or lets the paint peel, or lets in cold air, or invites insects or rodents to enter the house. So whats a few smart bucks?

There are a few procedures you must follow to get great results. Do it correctly or dont do it at all. The surfaces must be clean and dry or youll not get proper adhesion. Within a minute of applying it rub a wet finger across the surface to smooth the bead of caulk and compress it into the corner or crack you are filling. Let the caulk cure for a few hours before painting and even longer if in a shower before using it.

We also use Phenoseal when hanging crown molding because it is an adhesive and caulk. Very few walls or ceilings are perfectly flat; they all have waves in them. These waves, depressions and imperfections are not evident to the non-comparative naked eye but they are there. Of course when you put flat wood against a wavy surface the imperfection that were not conspicuous before the comparison will become distinctive with the new molding against it.

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