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For the seventh consecutive year we have been awarded a prestigious AWARD and a COMPLIMENT by our customers. A Service Award from consumer rating service users in categories of Handyman and Painting-Interior has been awarded to Handyman Central Services, Inc. This award is given out annually. It goes exclusively to Service Providers that have achieved and/or maintained a SUPERIOR service rating. Less than 5% ever meet the eligibility requirements, which are to have an "A" overall, a minimum number of customer reports in a calendar year and to have NEVER been in the Penalty box.

Smart Words for Smart Homeowners.

The Smart Home Seller's Checklist

You'll be busy getting ready so the following suggestions will help you systematize your home readiness projects. Remember, you're getting it ready for others to picture as their home...not for you to live in.

FIRST: Focus on the exterior of your house because if it doesn't attract buyers, they won't walk up to the front door.

House sold.

SECOND: Complete the biggest eyesore items now. Their completion will make you feel good and give you the incentive to do the less obvious.

THIRD: Do the MORE expensive fixes first. Buyers will be less likely to want to negotiate seriously over some minor stuff.

FOURTH: While this is going on complete and check off the following items:

  1. Remove ALL Clutter.
  2. Clear toys, gardening equipment, junk and yard equipment from lawn and house.
  3. Mow and water lawn.
  4. Get into the garage and get rid of "it".
  5. Weed yard and garden.
  6. Prune trees and bushes so they don't touch house. 10" - 15" space to the house is critical for critters, circulation, ridding dampness and adding light.
  7. Plant colorful flowers.
  8. Repair and paint all areas on fascia and trim. Use a high quality paint like DURATION by Sherwin-Williams. It carries a lifetime warranty.
  9. Remove excess furniture and your collectibles from every room.
  10. Remove excess artwork and photographs from every room.
  11. Clean out closets and cabinets.
  12. Clean out garage and basement.
  13. Clear counter and tabletops.
  14. Clean the entryway. Make it sparkle.
  15. Repaint or replace the front door.
  16. Fix broken windows, shutters, screens.
  17. Call in professionals for many items if you're pushed for time. You'll easily triple this investment at selling time.
  18. Polish door handles, address numbers, light fixtures.
  19. Replace worn or broken items.
  20. Replace burned out bulbs.
  21. Replace welcome mats.
  22. Wash all windows and floors.
  23. Fix any door or window that sticks.
  24. Clean appliances.
  25. Scrub bathroom.
  26. Remove carpet stains or throw them out and buy new carpeting.
  27. Clean your dryer vent now.
  28. Walk through the house with a swifter on a pole and eliminate all signs of ceiling, floor, furniture and fan dust. Remove cobwebs.
  29. Clean the fireplace.
  30. Make ALL Necessary Repairs. Nobody wants your leftover repair problems.
  31. Remove debris from roof and all gutters and downspouts.
  32. Inspect and clean the chimney.
  33. Repair/replace worn shingles and patch or replace any cedar shingles with woodpecker holes in them.
  34. Wash and/or paint exterior if needed.
  35. Clean, paint and align gutters and downspouts.
  36. Clean or replace drapes.
  37. Shampoo carpets.
  38. Wash pets and their living quarters.
  39. Clean outdoor grill, barbecue and lawn furniture.
  40. Remove all mildew.
  41. Clean grease and old spills from driveway.
  42. Clean litter boxes.
  43. Check foundation for cracks and repair.
  44. Caulk windows, tubs, showers, sinks.
  45. Make sure toilets and faucets work well.
  46. Touch up or repaint walls a neutral (move-right-in) color.
  47. Replace switches and outlets that don't work.
  48. Remove odors from EVERYBODY & EVERYTHING.
  49. Repair missing deck slats, screens.
  50. Repair concrete cracks.
  51. Store or dispose of items that make your yard, house and driveway look cluttered.
  52. Add fresh scent like Fabrize or a potpourri to each room.
  53. Outdoor waterworks must work flawlessly. Make sure sprinkler system and faucets operate properly.
  54. Clean and repair pumps and filters for swimming pool, Jacuzzi®, and outdoor showers.
  55. Clean ponds and fountains.

When you're finished, walk out to the street and take a look at your home. If you were a buyer, does it invite you in for a closer look? Be deadly honest. Now ask a professional the same question. You'll find out what you may have missed.

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Call me for suggestions on other minor and major tasks in and around your home and office. Here's a check list that you can download to help you organize those tasks.

We will shrink your overgrown To-Do List.