We've worked hard to satisfy our customers on each and every project we undertake. We are so flattered to realize that our customers have taken notice. They told friends, neighbors and consumer rating sites and on one occasion the local newspaper.

We promise to continue to keep doing things the way we have been doing them - to gain your trust and your business - and your repeat business.

Handyman Central Services received this special service award from the members of a major consumer rating service in many categories including; all-around Handyman, Deck Maintenance, Woodworking, Exterior Painting and Interior Painting. Awards like this are granted annually. It goes exclusively to service providers that have achieved and maintained a SUPERIOR Service Rating. Less than 5% of service contractors ever meet the eligibility requirements, which are to have an "A" rating overall, a minimum number of customer reports in a calendar year and to have NEVER, EVER been in the Penalty box.

Here are a few words from our customers...

July 2013
FANTASTIC! Beyond fantastic. Ron Lucchesi runs a professional, highly skilled, courteous and honest operation from start to finish. He came to our home and provided the most detailed quote we have ever received from a contractor. As the owner, Ron is on-site every single day of the project (in our experience, this is exceedingly RARE!). He gave us a full report at the end of each work day (either in person or by voice mail) to describe work completed that day and work planned for the next day. When rotted wood needed to be replaced, he brought us to the location to examine the issue and explain the repair process before his team replaced the rot with Azek. Even the smallest details--such as protecting a nest full of baby birds on one of our gutters--were treated with care. The paint work was fastidious and flawless.

Ron's work team --the amazing Daniel, Mike, John, Carlos, Gregory--were fantastic, focused and talented. Some of the work they provided was beyond the scope of the original contract and, with our consent, was performed to solve huge problems. For instance, we have a semi-circular gutter on the balcony over our front porch that had been leaking for years and creating an ice hazard on the bluestone stairs. We have asked numerous contractors (including the man who installed it) to look at this gutter and fix it. No one was able to do so. Ron and Dan dogged the problem for three days and solved it. There is no leaking now --and it wasn't because they applied some cheap leak-proofing solution--they fixed the pitch and realigned the entire gutter in ways that no other contractor took the time to do. This kind of diligence and care characterized our entire project.

To be truthful, we argued over the expense of Ron's original quote. Mark was of the mind to go cheaper since Ron's was one of the higher quotes and Tam felt that the expense was worth it in the long haul. Because we have had so very many disappointing experiences with contractors over the years, we opted this time to use Angie's List to pick the very best. The very best is worth the money and Handyman Central is the very best! Ron's work will keep this house protected for many years and we feel like he and his team are members of our family now. Ron has become a friend; we will remain on his client list for as long as he owns Handyman Central!

In our experience, this is one of the few times that working with a contracting company has been a complete pleasure for us. We actually miss seeing Ron and the guys around the house since they finished the job. Thank you Ron, Daniel and Team! You are the best of the best.
Mark and Tam
Long Valley, NJ

December 2010
"Hands down best contractor I've ever worked with. Extremely responsive, extremely detail oriented, trustworthy, and honest. Commitment to quality to the point if he didn't like how something came out he would redo it until it was perfect. We bought a house that needed some TLC inside and it now looks like another house. Truly unbelievable transformation. I highly recommend Ron and Handyman Central and give him the highest grades. I found Ron on Angies List and will definitely use him again." Amber & Anthony M. of Randolph, NJ. Dec. '10.

October 2010
We had the house completely powerwashed, gutters cleaned and flushed, 7 sets of shutters installed, front porch floor, pillars, spindles, railing, and lattice scraped, sanded, primed and painted. The front section of porch railing had to be removed, and Ron had to figure out a way to raise it up off the porch floor for drainage purposes as well as level it and replace the cap - all in all did an amazing job on that as it was quite a pain in the neck - I almost feel like i have a new house since the porch is the first thing one sees - the "necklace" of the house. Looks wonderful and I'm very happy.

Inside the house they did beautiful carpentry work in my kitchen removing all existing baseboard moulding and trim around 3 windows and 4 doors and replacing with moulding that matched existing Mission trim throughout the house, as well as some sheetrock repair - another great job that took a bit of creativity as the house is old with odd angles etc. that had to be considered.

In addition to the major jobs, he also took the time to repair some minor things that hadn't even been on the list, i.e. repairing a broken lattice screen in backyard, power hosing front walkway, building a mount for our flag, etc. Ron was ever the gentleman and if I was not completely happy with something that had been done, he would change it (even if he did not necessarily agree - lol). All in all I found Ron to be wonderful and hard working guys that I would hire again in a minute!

Congratulations to you and your trusty sidekicks!!  That is great, and extremely well deserved!!!   One thing about the internet, it does allow people to say the truth about the quality of service that never emerges from company driven surveys or client/customer feedback forms.  And, of course the truth really is that Ron Lucchesi’s HandyManCentral is the best around.  Don’t retire, yet.  We have some more work for you and Daniel.
Cathie and I are pleased to consider you as a friend, too.
Best Regards,
Ken - December 2009

When I began evaluating potential contractors to paint my house in Long Valley, NJ I hadn't heard of Handyman Central Services of Rockaway, New Jersey. It's too bad. Had I known, I would have saved myself a great deal of time. The company's owner, Ron Lucchesi, came out to discuss what it was that I was looking for. During our walk around, I was impressed. He pointed out instances where repairs were needed that I just had not seen, like the rot on an upper chimney structure and around the bottom of several door frames. He noted nail pops on the garage roof shingle and provided a solution to my pesky porch railing that couldn't hold paint for longer than two years -- replace the wood with solid PVC. From replacing damaged siding to shaping up a crawl space entry way that I had crudely attempted some years before, Ron was flexible to address every request.

The team of Ron, Daniel, John and Julio were uniformly professional, courteous and responsive. What I was especially pleased to see is that Ron looked at my house the way I would have - if I had his experience, talent and professional eye.

The job was finished in September 2009. The finished job was excellent.

Handyman Central Services is not inexpensive. Certainly I had opportunities to go with lower-cost painters. But here's the reason I feel I made the right choice: While I thought I was just getting a painter, instead I got a Partner in taking care of my house's imperfections.

Will I use Handyman Central Services again? In a heartbeat.
Roger C., Long Valley, NJ

Thank you, Ron!
The award you received from that consumer rating site was richly deserved. You sure helped us with my parents house in Morristown. Sold it - just before the market headed downhill - for more than the asking price. Thanks again and congratulations.
Tom P - January, 2008

Ron -
I know you did a great job for Mel. We saw him in Florida last week and he's doing well. Happy Healthy New Year!!
Harriet and Bob - January, 2008

Dear Ron,
I want to thank you for the ceiling replacement project Handyman Central did in our office. To look at the outcome, no one would ever know how very difficult and challenging the project was. Your meticulous attention to detail gave us a result that was beyond our expectations. You and your men demonstrated professionalism every step of the way, from your careful planning of the job through execution and fastidious cleanup. It was a tricky and tedious job -- with many potential frustrations, but you negotiated every twist and turn with aplomb! It was a pleasure working with you and we look forward to doing so again.
Rob Barth, Lafayette NJ

Hi Ron,
I left you a voice mail message last evening after the open house; I guess that you have not received it yet.

The ceiling looked fantastic - it is impossible to tell that any work was done. The open house was good; 27 families came through. What was great was the things that they never mentioned; ...the ceiling, the basement wall, the bathroom vanity, the banister railing, the front porch!!! Thank you again for help and the responsiveness and quickness of your work. It is greatly appreciated.

Dave D. of Denville

Note #1 from a customer enclosed with their check:
"Ken says it's a pleasure working with you."
Cathrine B.
of Brookside & Green Pond

Same customer, a month later, Note #2 with her check for new tasks:
"Thank you. The railings look Great!"
Cathrine B.
of Brookside & Green Pond

Same customer, a month later, note #3 from a customer enclosed with their next check for another task:
"A pleasure doing business with you."
Cathrine B.
of Brookside & Green Pond

Dear Ron,

"Please accept my thanks and gratitude for all of the topnotch quality work accomplished at my mother's house in preparation for it's impending sale. The sheetrock repair, surface preparation, taping, caulking, and painting were done in the most professional way possible. And the kitchen sink cabinet base was fixed perfectly!

What impressed me the most were all the little extra touches you performed just because you saw they were needed - not from any requests by me or mom. I really appreciated your extra consideration because of the long commute to mom's house for me."

"I especially noticed the very kind and considerate manner in which you interacted with my mother. Her anxiety from getting her house ready for sale was greatly relieved by your empathetic demeanor. Thanks so much!"

"Finally - thank you for being so prompt and reliable and fair with price quotes, work dates and punctuality. All that you did was accomplished quickly and efficiently. Please feel free to use this letter in any manner which you may choose.

I heartily endorse Handyman Central without reservation for household work lists which must be accomplished. Trustworthy company no doubt! I wish you were located down here in Monmouth County so I could use you myself. Enjoy your vacation and we may be contacting you again should additional work be needed."

Thomas P.
Superintendent of Schools

Note from a customer attached to her check:
"Ron -
Everything looks great!! Thanks so much. Look forward to seeing the paint (color chips) this weekend so that you can paint the guest room next week."
Pat D. of Morristown

Note #2 from the same customer attached to her check:
"Ron -
Everything looks absolutely wonderful! Talk to you in the spring!"
Pat D. of Morristown